Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

Buying junk, this man finds treasures worth Rp.5.6 billion – For some people, antiquity is considered as junk and has no appeal. However, for some people, these items can be valuable antique treasures. Even more so for collectors.

Buying junk, this man finds treasures worth Rp.5.6 billion


This is why Alex Archbold, an antique shop owner in Canada who has been doing this since he was 9 years old. The more unique and rare the item is, the more expensive the value of the item will be, especially if the item concerned has historical value.

treetshop – Sometimes I chase items one by one, but sometimes I buy them all,” said Alex, quoted from boredpanda on Thursday (4/2/2021), as he recounted the story of when he bought up the contents of a house full of junk. however, what he found was a treasure trove of $ 400,000 or Rp. 5.6 billion.

When a person dies, his inheritance, such as the contents of the house and furniture, are sometimes considered useless by the heirs. Even more so if the contents of the house are left in a state like a broken ship which is very messy. Not a few people do not want to bother taking care of these items and meet antique hunters.

This condition is of course favorable for antiques hunters like Alex Archbold and his wife. To add to his shop’s collection, Alex also bought up all the contents of the house in the form of furniture and items that were considered obsolete.

“As a child, I experienced economic difficulties, then when I started finding antiques to be resold, it brought me promising money, besides that I was also able to fulfill my desire to learn about history,” said Alex.

This time, Alex bought the contents of a house filled with obsolete belongings of the late woman named Bette-Joan Rac. During her lifetime, this woman who was nicknamed Madam Rac was a piano tutor.

Alex Archbold knew the late Madam Rac during his lifetime as a very stylish woman. The two first met several years ago when Alex bought the woman’s Cadillac car. At that time, this former piano tutor was experiencing financial difficulties so he sold his car.

“When I did a car transaction at that time, I didn’t go into his house because he said that he had to clean it up first, so he signed the file on the page. Then I developed good relations with him and exchanged greetings when I met him at the cafe,” recalls Alex tells about Madam Rac.

After Madam Rac died, he paid for all the contents of his house (furniture and other relics) for $ 10,000 or the equivalent of Rp.14 million. Alex and his wife didn’t expect much from this purchase either, knowing that Madam Rac’s income as a piano tutor didn’t amount to much.

“I was quite surprised when I got to know the contents of his house. During his life he always looked stylish and neat, I did not think that he was a hoarder so that his house he left was in a very messy condition. He had piled up a lot of junk until it looked like a hill,” explained Alex .

When he entered the house, Alex did not expect much but at least he would get a very antique and fine piano. It turned out that, on the sidelines of the wreckage, he had also found many treasure troves.

On the first day he and his wife explored the house, it is difficult to say that they found a treasure because there were so many piles of rubbish and junk that formed a hill. Finally, he began to comb the place and clean the flyers, magazines, newspapers, and shoes in the living room, suddenly he found a wallet full of money, a 100 ounce silver bar, along with a bag filled with gold and diamond rings.

“I never thought that this eccentric piano tutor I knew was a millionaire,” said Alex.

After finishing combing all the places, then Alex and his team started the first auction and made money worth $ 250,000 or the equivalent of Rp 3.5 billion. “We only bought all the goods at a price of Rp. 14 million, but after that we were able to sell all the goods with a value of Rp. 5.6 billion after 3 auction events. This is really the best purchase I’ve ever made,” said Alex.

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