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Caution! This is how to find hidden cameras in hotel rooms – Hotels are lodging places that generally provide privacy for each visitor. However, there are still many cases found related to the existence of CCTV cameras hidden in hotel rooms. This makes the hotel not considered a safe place anymore.

Caution! This is how to find hidden cameras in hotel rooms


treetshop – Not only for fun, but in several cases it was found that this crime was deliberately committed by the hotel owner. This incident is certainly detrimental to the privacy of visitors who stay in the room.
In order to avoid unwanted things due to this, you must remain vigilant, if you want to stay at the hotel. Therefore, see 7 ways to find out where hidden cameras are in hotel rooms.

1. Check the Hotel Room

Caution! This is how to find hidden cameras in hotel rooms

(1) Before deciding to book a hotel room, it’s a good idea to always read and know the description and terms and conditions that apply. Because cameras under surveillance purposes are usually included in the list of facilities provided.
To be more convincing, try asking directly to the employee who accepts the reservation. If the hotel you choose has a high level of security, then you can decide to stay there. If not, you can check the hotel room directly, when you have made the reservation.

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Check every corner of the room, from cupboards, tables, to flower vases. Pay attention to small items, do not let anything suspicious or not in their proper place. Any areas that are difficult to reach and bathrooms also need to be aware of. This is because hidden cameras usually don’t have cables so they can be installed anywhere.
These cameras also have sizes that vary from small to large. So make sure not to miss any small places or objects that allow the camera to nest.

2.Check for a gadget that looks ‘foreign’

There is a couple from Toronto, Canada having an unpleasant incident when they stay at a hotel booked from Airbnb. They find a hidden camera inside a strange object they think is an alarm clock.
The object is connected to a cable that looks like a cell phone charger. Because it looks suspicious, the two decide to investigate the item. It turns out that the device is equipped with CCTV that can record visitor activities inside the hotel.
If you see something strange with the technological devices in the hotel room, do check and it’s best to disassemble the back of the battery. For example, maybe you notice that a gadget has a different charger, a camera hole, a different type of battery, or a lamp that is not a device of that technology, you should be suspicious.

3. Examine Desk Cabinets and Drawers

In various cases, the perpetrators sometimes stored recording devices in the storage room, such as cupboards to table drawers. Also, check areas such as bookcases, dressers, and closets, in bedrooms and bathrooms, especially if there are places to hide the camera. In addition, air conditioning and ventilation are also people’s favorite spots to hide the camera.

5. Detect Hidden Cameras with Wi-Fi Network

Hidden cameras that are commonly used today are equipped with a Wi-Fi connection. This connection serves to send images or videos directly or in real time to the connected device.
You can detect it by turning on the Wi-Fi connection on the smartphone device and trying to scan the network in the room area. When a suspicious Wi-Fi name appears and cannot connect, you should be aware of the ‘secret’ network in hotel rooms.
Apart from that, you can also use various applications that can scan for hidden cameras in the area around you, such as Fing. Fing is an iOS and Android application that allows you to enter more features related to network detection.

6. Turn off the room lights

Cameras generally have lenses that can reflect light. One way to find this is to turn off the lights in the room and use a flashlight to look for these reflections in every corner.
If you find irregular reflections on certain objects, it is likely a hidden camera. Turn on the room lights and try to check the object that feels suspicious.
However, some people often find it difficult to find hidden cameras. Luckily there are applications that can be used in this search. For Android you can use Glind Finder, while iOS devices use the Hidden Camera Detector application.
Every hidden camera generally has infrared to record in the dark. This infrared signal can usually be identified by a flashing red light that can be easily recognized, when the room lights are turned off.

7. Detection by cellphone camera

Most hidden cameras can record dark rooms with the help of infrared rays. Meanwhile, infrared rays are not visible to the naked eye. To detect it, you need to use a sophisticated device to locate hidden cameras.
But don’t worry, you can detect it using your cellphone. Some smartphones have filters to block out infrared light on their main camera.
One way to find this is to turn off the lights in the room and use a flashlight to look for these reflections in every corner. If you find irregular reflections on certain objects, it is probably a sign that there is a hidden camera in your room.

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