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The Unique Story Behind 3 Famous Cocktail Drinks – Famous food or drink certainly has a history that is rarely known. Before being known by the whole community, of course there are interesting facts and stories behind this famous food or drink. One drink that has an interesting story behind it is Cocktails.

The Unique Story Behind 3 Famous Cocktail Drinks

the-unique-story-behind-3-famous-cocktail-drinks – Cocktails are alcoholic drinks that are often on the menu in several restaurants. Cocktails themselves are usually mixed with drinks or other flavorful ingredients. Before serving in a cocktail glass, this drink must be stirred so that the other ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

Before being known by almost all people in the world, cocktails certainly have an interesting story behind them. Of course, this is rarely known. The pleasure that is served by this drink certainly has an interesting fact to examine.

According to Jerry Thomas in the book Bartender’s Guide or How to Mix Drinks published in 1862, the basic ingredients of cocktail recipes are alcoholic drinks mixed with sugar, water and bitters. The term cocktail gradually refers to almost any mixed drink containing alcohol.

1. Mojito

Mojito is a typical Cuban alcoholic drink. Mojito is usually made with five main ingredients, namely white rum, sugar (usually cane sugar), lemonade, sparkling water, and mint leaves. This one drink is very popular as a summer drink in the western world.

Mojito is a cocktail that has literal meaning. Mojo is the Spanish name for a Cuban sauce made from citrus fruits. Mojito is then interpreted as small mojo.

The name was introduced by African slaves who worked in Cuba’s sugarcane fields. Now, the name of this cocktail is well known by almost all people in the world.

2. Daiquri

The next cocktail drink that has a unique story is Daiquri. The main ingredients of daiquri are rum, citrus juice (generally lime), and sugar or other sweeteners.

Previously, daiquri was not a very popular drink. This one drink was introduced by US naval officers to army and navy clubs.

The discovery of the daiquri itself is quite interesting, during the war between Spain and America, it was very difficult to find liquor. People also chose to consume rum for their drinks at that time.

The daiquiri became popular in the 1940’s. Food rationing during World War II made whiskey and vodka hard to come by. However, due to the policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Neighbors, rum became easily available due to policies that opened trade and travel with Latin American, Cuba and Caribbean countries.

3. Bloody Mary

Bloody Marys are cocktails containing vodka, tomato juice and other spices and flavorings. Bloody mary in the United States is usually consumed in the morning or evening. In addition, this cocktail is popular as a hangover cure.

Bloody Marys were invented in the 1920’s or 1930’s. There are various theories about the origin of the drink and its name. Another popular theory is that it was Queen Mary I of England’s favorite drink.

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